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European Union Geriatric Medicine Society

The European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, EUGMS, is the collaborating and co-ordinating organisation of the national geriatric medical societies of the European Union member states, but also includes Switzerland. The EUGMS’ mission is to develop geriatric medicine in all member states as a recognised independent medical specialty, contributing to the care of all older people with age-related diseases.

The mission of the EUGMS is:

  • To develop geriatric medicine in the member states of the European Union as an independent specialty caring for all older people with age-related disease
  • To support that these services become available to all citizens of the European Union
  • To promote education and continuing professional development, and in particular a biennial scientific meeting
  • In conjunction with the Section of Geriatric Medicine of the EUMS, to promote geriatric medicine to the European Commission and Parliament
  • To promote evidence-based guidelines for the most efficacious preventive and treatment strategies for older people in the European Union

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