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Aging In Motion is a coalition of organizations working to advance research and treatment of sarcopenia and age-related functional decline.

  • Do you care about preserving the health, independence and quality of life of older Americans?
  • Do you believe in continued medical innovation and development?

Join the Aging In Motion (AIM) Coalition to support greater research and innovation around sarcopenia, age-related muscle losses that affect the physical function and independence of older people.

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Why Should You Join AIM?

Nearly half of the elderly American population suffers from sarcopenia—a condition that leads to the degenerative loss of muscle mass which leaves millions of older adults vulnerable to falls and fractures, hospitalization, loss of mobility, frailty, institutionalization, and death. Beyond a diminished qualify of life for older people, sarcopenia costs individuals and taxpayers an estimated $18 billion in annual healthcare costs.

Pushing forward on Research and Innovation

Recent research points to promising behavioral and pharmacologic interventions for sarcopenia that could be used to preserve the health and independence of our nation’s aging population. Unfortunately, major barriers, including the lack of scientific consensus on clinical definitions, stand in the way of critically important research and treatment development.

In hopes of advancing research and treatment in the area of sarcopenia and age-related functional decline, AIM initiates and leads on-going interactions with clinicians, regulators, and policy influencers to overcome the obstacles that impede the development and evaluation of promising treatments for sarcopenia and associated functional declines in the elderly.

We hope that you will join in on our efforts to raise awareness of sarcopenia and help to pave the way for the development of treatments that will preserve the quality of life for aging Americans and save millions of dollars in health care costs.

Your Role

The members and sponsors of AIM are key to ensuring a dynamic and successful coalition. We are hoping you will join in on our efforts by:

  • adding your organization’s name as a member or sponsor
  • participating in policy strategy development
  • participating in AIM Coalition events
  • increasing awareness of AIM’s messages and work

As a coalition member or sponsor, your organization’s name will be included on the AIM website as well as all printed materials.

The AIM coalition is an opportunity to address the numerous barriers that stakeholders face in the treatment and management of sarcopenia and loss of physical function among seniors. The perspective and expertise that each coalition member contributes becomes an invaluable resource as we continue to move forward to raise awareness of the issue and further the research that will lead to treatments.

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