Trial Examines Whether Muscle Mass Could Be Improved in Older Adults with Supplements, Exercise

Nutritional supplements in capsules and tablets.Rick Sharp, Ph.D., an expert at Iowa State University, is
conducting a trial to investigate the effectiveness of combining supplements  and resistance training in older adults with low
levels of vitamin D. The trial is a follow up on his previous
studies that have found certain supplements like HMB,  a
natural body-building compound, can help reduce muscle loss. Interestingly, those with low vitamin D levels didn’t respond
as well to HMB. This inspired the follow up trial.

Sharp hopes this trial will contribute to lessening the effect of sarcopenia in older adults. “We know that sarcopenia is so predictable in older adults that anything we can do that slows down the progression and/or reverses it, is going to be effective,” Sharp said. “If all we were to do is prevent their muscle mass and function from dropping, we’ve already had a real positive impact. Even if it doesn’t improve by 10, 15, 20 percent, they’re not losing it and that’s just as good.”

He is also looking for 160 participants who are at least 60 years old and have a vitamin D deficiency. For more information, read more here.