Walking a Quarter of a Mile to Stave off Disability – AIM Advisor Jack Guralnik at Penn Institute on Aging

Source: University of Pennsylvania Institute on Aging. Science of Aging,

People unable to walk a quarter of a mile, the equivalent to one time around a track or 3-4 city blocks, are twice as likely to be hospitalized, warned Jack Guralnik, MD, PhD, MPH, at the latest Penn Institute on Aging Visiting Scholars lecture.

In this video, Dr. Guralnik, a professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, explains what researchers are finding, in terms of mobility prevalence and the dangers of disability. He also discusses a program that has been developed and is being studied which may be able to reverse mobility decline to prevent disability.

If you missed the live twitter coverage during the conference, we’ve included a transcript below, chocked full of interesting statistics and observations from Dr. Guralnik’s lecture.