Could Compounds in Green Tomatoes and Apples Help Reduce Muscle Loss?

apples and tomatoesScientists at the University of Iowa say they have found the first example of a protein, called ATF4, that could cause aging-related muscle atrophy and weakness. The experts also made another discovery: Natural compounds in green tomatoes and apples respectively were found to reduce ATF4 activity. This offers
promise for development of new therapies.

“Based on these results, ursolic acid and tomatidine appear to have a lot of potential as tools for dealing with muscle weakness and atrophy during aging,” notes Iowa researcher¬†Christopher Adams, M.D., Ph.D. “We also thought we might be able to use ursolic acid and tomatidine as tools to find a root cause of muscle weakness and atrophy during aging.”

Read more in The Journal of Biological Chemistry.