AIM Holds Symposium on ICD-10 Code at ICFSR Conference

The Aging in Motion Coalition conducted a symposium at this month’s International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR) in Boston, Mass., on its proposal to establish an ICD-10 code for diagnosing sarcopenia patients. This represented an exciting opportunity for AIM to update the international sarcopenia research community on the progress of the code proposal.  Below are links to the presentations:

AIM Executive Director Cynthia Bens spoke more about the ICD-10 code. 

Dr. Dana S. Hardin of Eli Lilly discussed the code and drug development. 

AIM Science Advisory Board member Dr. Stephanie Studenski talked about the implications of a sarcopenia code for further research and physicians in practice.

To learn more about the presentation and conference happenings, please go here.